Alleble, a kingdom in The Realm, was a glorious kingdom. Its king was King Eliam, and it was home to many brave soldiers and knights. Its citizens, glimpses of all kinds whose eyes glint blue in honor of their King, are at times called 'Allebs'.


Alleble history is rich with excitement.. danger.. rescues.. and sacrifice. A few of the key Alleble history events are listed below.


Alleble was created by King Eliam. Its creation story, similar to the Christian creation story told in the Bible, is not mentioned in the Door Within Trilogy.

The Great BetrayalEdit

The Great Betrayal, (which may or may not have occured before The Schism—it is thought that it did, because in the Door Within, Gwenne explains to Aidan that 'The Story of the Great Betrayal was passed down over the years'—however, the Great Betrayal also occured when Captain Valithor was a young boy...) was the title of the betrayal in which Paragor, formerly called Paragal, turned traitor to the King.

The SchismEdit

The Schism, which occured before or after the Great Betrayal, was the result of the spilling of innocent blood. Torin, one of the King's most trusted servants, was left in his keep located in Torin's Vale. The King warned Torin not to open the door at night, but the Wyrm Lord-firstborn of all dragons, and possesor of many lethal gifts-wiled him into opening the door. None were spared. As a result, the Schsim occured... the Realm was split in half, and became the Earth and the Realm. The passage between these two is called the Thread.

The Door WithinEdit

The Rise of the Wyrm LordEdit

The Final StormEdit