Antoinette Reed, who lived in Colorado, had red hair (her natural hair color was blonde, she dyed it to be red), blue eyes, and a very adventurous nature. Antoinette was the mirror twin of Gwenne. She was also one of the Three Witnesses.


Early LifeEdit

Antoinette was orphaned at a very early age. Alone in the house with her parents, lightning struck the house and created a fire one stormy night. Miraculously, Antoinette survived—but her parents did not. Since that day, she could sense whenever a storm was coming, by a tingling feeling. This was to play an important part in The Final Storm.

Antoinette was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Reed of Colorado.

The Rise of the Wyrm LordEdit

This girl, the fiery-haired and the exciting, was to start The Rise of the Wyrm Lord. However, editors felt that an Aidan Thomas beginning would draw readers in more.

In result, Aidan got on the bus late on the first day of school, stumbled to the back of the bus... and was hit by one—a bus, that is—... a bus, named Antoinette Reed! She was dressed in all black, like the rest of the 'Trench Coat Clan'. This group had different fashions and styles (such as wearing all black, makeup, and weird hair-dos) than anyone else in school, thus they were treated differently. Mr. Batson shows later in the story that they were just the same as the other children.

At any rate, Antoinette and Aidan end up in the same classes. Honors art, for example. They both stood out in this class, because no one else chose to draw freehand. Aidan's picture was of The Seven Fountains of Alleble, while Antoinette's was of The Gates of Despair. The two hurried out of the room once released—and found that both believed, in King Eliam.

During the same time frame in which Antoinette and Aidan met, they got together at Antoinette's house. The two got to sparring with Kendo, a form of swordsmanship that Antoinette was particularly interested in—and then she gave him a bloody nose! But while he was knocked to the ground, he saw Antoinette in a new light. The sun shining behind her red hair, turning it blonde.. the blue eyes.. the extreme skill.. the spirited personality.. he realised with a gasp that she was Gwenne's twin!

Antoinette and Aidan were soon fast friends. But what's more, something was happening in the Realm—something that needed an outside friend. Antoinette was that friend.

Antoinette journeyed to the Realm, meeting Aelic, Elspeth, Mallik, Nock, Bolt, Kaliam, Merewen, Brindle (a whoosel!), and many others on the way.

The Final StormEdit