Falon's Stair is an area occupied by Falon, and is her 'nest'. Located somewhere near Paragory, it is gigantic, and has a large maze.

This is the poem that was written outside Falon's Stair.

Ye have come to Falon's Stair,

But enter ye not unaware.

For better men than thee have fled.

They that entered soon were dead.

The darkness spins your mind with fright,

As you descend into her night.

Beyond the steps the labryinth waits,

With dangers untold and treasures great.

Know ye this as ye travel the maze:

Lest ye fall under Falon's gaze,

There is one path alone to the light of day,

And death will come if ye loose your way.

Many visited Falon's Stair, including Paragor Knights, Valithor, Adain, and Brower. King Brower actually mined an amethyst there.