Sir Farix was a silent warrior, who fought well in battle, but was extremely quiet otherwise. He entered the series in The Rise of the Wyrm Lord.

Farix was originally from Frostland. An amazing warrior due to outstanding teaching from an unknown figure, he took part in the Trial of Ten Fires, an annual Frostland competition. He beat all there, who had not been beaten for three years, and was given the Dragon's Perch by King Cyric. Captain Valithor, on a trip to Frostland, found him and asked him {Farix} if he wanted to find a worthier prize.. and Farix became a follower of King Eliam!

Fun Fact: Farix is one of Wayne Thomas Batson's favorite character. Thus, the story at the end of the Rise of the Wyrm Lord: Farix's Tale. Wayne wonders at the end of this story, though.... Hmm, I wonder, who taught him all of those moves???