Glimpses, beings which live in The Realm, are the mirror-twins of Humans, living on the Earth. While they may not be the same age as their Humans, they have the same character traits, and whom they follow (Paragor or the King), either on Earth or in the Realm, affect whom their Glimpse/Human follows. Also, when a Glimpse/Human dies on the Earth/the Realm, their Glimpse/Human, dies as well. (E.G., Captain Valithor's twin, Grampin, had been a follower of the King for many years—Captain Valithor was also a follower of the King. When Grampin died of a heart attack, Valithor died from an arrow.)

Glimpses had pale, nearly translucent skin, and their eyes glinted either blue, red, or green, as their loyalty showed. King Eliam's followers had eyes that glinted blue, the undecided had eyes that glinted green, and Paragor's followers showed the most lethal color of all—red.