King Eliam the Everlasting is a very important character in the Door Within Trilogy. He represents God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, as He created the universe, died for the people, and is living on in their hearts. King Eliam is the best King in the Realm... or the world, for that matter. He will always prevail! Never alone!


King Eliam always was... always is... and always will be. He was never 'born', or 'died'. Though, He was dead for a few days. But he will never die again.

The King was always perfect, but some disagree with that. King Eliam had a friend. That friend was Paragor. The King began to lift Paragor over all of the people, and this 'friend' became his 'best friend'. Then one day, Paragor, like an ancient enemy, turned evil. He wanted the King's throne! So he gathered all of the elder guard, their wives, and their families. He placed them in the seventh fountain, filled with water, of the Seven Fountains of Alleble. Then he brought the King out to see it.

With a wicked grin, Paragor motioned for oil to begin filling the fountain. He nodded to his evil accomplices, but before they lit the oil on fire, King Eliam called for pause.

He lied down on the white, stone table.

And he told Paragor he would be that sacrifice.

So Paragor killed him.. and then the torch plunged downward into the oil—and they were burned.


Paragor stood by the throne. He caressed it... but it was not time. Slowly he turned, and got ready to enter the Library of Light. He was able to enter—its flames did not hurt him. He went up to the top level, and looked at several scrolls located there. Finally, he took his own scroll... and read his own history. But then Paragor arrived at blank pages. He took his pen, and began to write...

Then he stopped. Wait, he didn't stop! He wanted to, but his pen was writing against his will!

I will never know all

I will never be loved

I will never be King

With a gasp of 'nooo!' Paragor was thrown from the palace, along with his accomplices, into the Prince's Crown.

The King had returned!


King Eliam fought many victorious battles over Paragor after that. Winning in the ways of the heart and the warfare, He eventually killed Paragor, and took his people to the Land Beyond the Sun.