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This wiki, started by Jbaird51, is about the Door Within Trilogy, written by Wayne Thomas Batson and published by Thomas Nelson Publishing.

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This wiki is about The Door Within Trilogy, written by Wayne Thomas Batson. Inside the three books, you can find the adventures of Aidan Thomas, Antoinette Reed, and Robby Pierson in their own quests of nobility and knighthood in the Realm, a parallell universe to our own. When Alleble's most trusted knight betrays his king, he plunges the Realm into darkness, and only the Three Witnesses can save it from his destruction, and with King Eliam the Everlasting's help, they just might.

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The Sepulchre of the Seven: The ancient resting place of seven grim sleepers.

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Adventures are funny things.... — The Door Within

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...The Door Within has the possibility of becoming a movie? Door Within Fans all over are praying, hoping, and getting excited! Visit this site to find out more:

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...Antoinette Reed's true last name is unknown? Yes, it's true! Read this article to find out more: Antoinette Reed.

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...Aidan Thomas's father's name is Charles? Have you ever wondered about that! Well, you can read this article on him: Charles Thomas.

Reader ReviewsEdit

Top 5.0 Star Reviews of the Month:

The Door Within — 5.0 Star ReviewEdit

A gripping adventure from the start, The Door Within & Co. will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish! Mysterious scrolls—skeptical parents—weird signs—and, over it all, the intense feeling that he, Aidan Thomas, must follow... and enter the Door Within.

The Rise of the Wyrm Lord — 5.0 Star ReviewEdit

The Rise of the Wyrm Lord is a wonderful fantasy book... I most definitely consider it the best of the Trilogy. Antoinette Reed, the beautiful, bright, and yet headstrong, faces a new world in trouble. She loves the King with all her heart... but will she stand true to her promise to Aidan Thomas, or her everlasting confession to Him?

The Final Storm — 5.0 Star ReviewEdit

Wow! The Final Storm amazes me every time I read it... which, believe me, is very often! A thrilling conclusion, it is action-packed from beginning to end. Follow as Antoinette, Robby, and Aidan discover their true callings as the Three Witnesses. Darkness and sorrows rise in more numbers then ever before—but bright lights shine through the threatening clouds growing overhead, in preperation for the Final Storm. Merewen and Kaliam host a romantical wedding—Robby astounds Mallik and Nock with his gift of the Dragons—and much more! Questions are in great numbers, but foremost of all, is whom they—the Three Witnesses, called of old—should serve. Answers lie in this outstanding fantasy-adventure!

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