Trenna Swiftfoot was a Yewland glimpse, a friend of Robby and Antoinette. She was a slave, but was liberated by Antoinette—through the giving away of a sword that Antoinette Reed loved dearly. It was a hard price, but worth it when Trenna became a follower of the King. Trenna is a fierce warrior, and gave her Good Confession to the King during The Final Storm. Trenna was also an extremely fast runner: She even outran Robby!

Trenna had been a slave for three years by the time Antoinette came across her. She had been hunting a clever wolvin on the outskirts of Yewland, when she crossed the border and was ambushed by a group of spearmen. She remained a slave, proud and angry, until Antoinette rescued her and she became a follower of the King.

She had dark hair and eyes, enjoyed being a huntress and wariorress, and loved talking with all of the Yewland Braves.